Brand Analysis

A simple review of your brand, market, and competition

A simple review of your brand, market, and competition.

Assess the impact your brand has on your marketing and sales performance

Brand analysis is an alternative or optional preliminary phase to our core branding process and is aimed at providing you with a professional assessment of your brand. Do you sometimes feel like you lose track of objectivity when thinking about your brand and you just can’t seem to see the way forward or what to prioritise? If you’re unsure about what you need and where you want to take your brand, then brand analysis is a good place to start. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and interact with us before deciding whether to invest in our branding process.

Brand analysis is a great tool to gain understanding of where your brand is currently but shouldn’t be confused with strategy. Rather than the looking at whether your brand is fulfilling its purpose and how well it’s communicating who you are, brand analysis is more of an structural review, focussed simply on what your brand is and how you’re using it. Brand analysis aims to provide you with insight. We review your brand, critique the areas that could be improved, and provide you with focussed feedback detailing what could be developed and how that could be achieved.

Brand analysis is separated into three complimentary components and you’re free to choose which you think would be the most helpful for your business or combine all three for a full brand analysis.

Brand Workshop //

The brand workshop is a virtual one-to-one meeting which gives you the chance to talk to us directly, ask questions, and receive feedback on your brand more organically. It’s a great opportunity to see how we work and whether we’d be a good fit for you. The purpose of this workshop is a short, but focussed, review of how you’re presenting your business to your customers and how you can better use your brand to bring in more sales. These brand workshops are intended to be an assessment of your brand and only aimed at providing guidance based on our observations.

Our brand workshops are virtual meetings held over Zoom or Google Hangouts. There are two versions of our brand workshops available. A free 1 hour session with limited availability and a paid 4 hour session which you can book on enquiry. Download our brand workshop overview for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the same as our Strategy Workshop. You can find out more about this in our section on Brand Strategy.

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Brand Audit //

A brand audit is an independent examination with an internal focus on your brand. Every company, regardless of size, needs to keep a close eye on their brand. Over time we lose objectivity and how we internally assess our brand can become skewed and we can stray from our brand’s purpose. That’s where we think a brand audit should come in. It’s a true brand analysis. A brand audit is a focussed report detailing your brand’s position and assets, including a general assessment of the strength of your brand, and how well its being implemented.

If you feel like your brand is under performing or you’ve updated your brand in the last few years and want to check whether you’ve implemented those changes efficiently, a brand audit is a great solution. If you’re looking to understand what your brand should be or to get some direction for your brand, brand analysis won’t be as beneficial for you, and we’d recommend looking at brand strategy instead.

In our opinion, a brand audit exists as an evaluation tool. There’s minimal engagement between us. It’s an objective assessment of your brand and assets. In that way, we hope to give you as much perspective on your brand as we can. Once we’ve completed the brand audit, we present our assessment to you in a detailed report and guide you through our findings over a video call.

Competitor Analysis //

Competitor analysis is an independent assessment focussing externally on your competitive market. This is critical for any evolving or emerging business allowing you to gain insight into the current competitive landscape of your industry. Carrying out competitor analysis allows you see how your competition is developing, which areas they are focusing on, their strengths and weaknesses, the strategies they are using, how they are positioning their brand in the market, and how they are engaging and interacting with their customers. These insights will allow you to make more intelligent decisions about how to grow your own brand and what opportunities are available to you.

If you’re secure in your brand and know who you are and the direction you’re going in and just want to gain insight into your market to help you make strategic decisions, competitor analysis is perfect for you. If you’re a bit unsure of your brand, then you might want to consider another path. Gaining clarity of your own brand is more important than observing how other businesses are positioning theirs. It makes more sense that we focus internally without bias before we assess the current market through competitor analysis. This way we can make informed decisions based on the insights we gain that also fit with the internal strategy of your own brand.

Competitor analysis can be carried out on its own under brand analysis or as part of our brand strategy process. If you’re interested in going through strategy with us, then we like to recommend carrying out competitor analysis at the end of the strategy process.

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