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Designing with a purpose, informed by strategy

Designing with a purpose, informed by strategy.

Work with us to design solutions that solve your problems and achieves your goals

Brand design covers the look and feel of your brand at every point of interaction with the consumer. Brand design is where we get creative. Using strategy to inform our design decisions we can create solutions that solves a problem or achieves a goal for your brand. Together we concentrate on the solutions that produce the biggest return on your investment. That is the ultimate focus of our work here.

You might already have a solution in mind but first we need to understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. There might be a better solution that you may not have considered or the problem itself might be misdiagnosed. This is where strategy is valuable. If you haven’t run through strategy before or it has been a while, we encourage you to start with brand strategy before moving onto brand design. The two are interlinked. If you’ve looked through our section on strategy you might already see how it naturally ties into brand design. The clarity it gives allows both of us to make better decisions when creating assets for your brand. Once we understand what you’re trying to achieve, we can start working on creating a solution.

Brand design can really take any form but the two most common are brand identity design and website design and you can find more details about how we provide each of these below.

Brand Identity Design //

Brand identity is the outward expression of your brand. It is the ultimate form of brand design. It’s how you communicate with the world and engage with your customers. It’s more than just your logo, it’s the total visual appearance of your brand, the sum of all its parts.

Brand identity design can work for your brand, product, or event to help you communicate more effectively. It’s almost clichéd to talk about the importance of differentiating your brand because it is often oversimplified. That’s why we have such a focus on strategy because fundamentally your own brand will naturally be different, and by exploring your brand together, we can provide some clarity on what your brand really is and differentiating yourself then comes intuitively. If you’re a disruptor or challenger brand, then you already instinctively have this ingrained in your DNA. Strategy will just help crystallise it. So, by the time we come to work on brand design we have a really solid foundation and are both on the same page in terms of what your business is, who it’s for, and what you want to achieve. If you’ve had us create stylescapes, then we already have a great direction for the visual identity of your brand and can start developing designs that compliment that direction.

Our team starts by sketching out some logo ideas which are refined until we have some developed concepts to present you. We then work through each component of your brand building it up layer by layer. This includes colour palette; typography; illustrations, icons, and secondary assets; photography and image guidance; and the visual application of your brand across platforms. All these assets are packaged up and delivered alongside your brand guidelines. We always produce detailed brand guidelines to accompany your new identity. These fundamental documents provide rules around your brand usage to ensure your brand maintains its consistency wherever it’s found regardless of who is using it, whether they’re internal, partners, media, or third party.

We are hugely passionate about brand identity design. When it comes to brand design, this is our core speciality. A brand lives in the hearts and minds of consumers. There’s a lot more to branding than meets the eye and we take a lot of factors into consideration when we craft your brand identity.

Website Design //

Your site is the online embodiment of your brand. Unlike social media, it is your true home and you have full creative freedom to make it whatever you want it to be. A high end professional website strengthens the impact your brand makes on the market. Your visitors will make an opinion of your brand based on the first few seconds visiting your site. First impressions are everything after all, so creating something that makes them feel comfortable and confident in you as a brand is paramount. Brand design plays a vital role here and that’s why we take great care to design and prototype the look and feel of your website with you. This is a collaborative process and we believe success is achieved through partnership.

Web design is as much about function as it is about presentation. We include an extra component of strategy at the start of our web design process which tackles both UX design (user experience), and SEO (search engine optimisation). They are both a major focus for us when planning out your site and we believe they make the difference between a good and great website. Having a site that’s highly searchable and competitive across selected keywords puts your brand in a good position to increase your overall site traffic. Similarly, if we can make the user experience an enjoyable one by being conscious of your user’s journey and goals, structuring the site and content so that it’s accessible and easy to navigate, this will improve your engagement. A positive experience will increase the likelihood that visitors will make a purchase or refer you. Your website serves a purpose and depending on the nature of your brand, your site might play an active or passive role in generating revenue for your business. Regardless of which it is that your business needs, these processes are universally beneficial, and both play a significant role in returning the investment you make into your site’s web design.

We really go above and beyond to make sure that your website is the best it can be and achieves what you need it to for your brand. Websites are a significant component of a brand’s arsenal and getting it right will have a big impact on your business. Our web design process takes you through strategy, design, and construction of the website before optimising and testing site performance across platforms and devices.

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