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We’re here for you so you can focus on being there for your customers.

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Brand guardianship is the final part of our branding process. It’s just a fancy way of saying we’re here for you. You’ve probably experienced a situation where had something created for you and once the project is over, you’re left to fend for yourself and figure out what to do next. Well, we’re not like that. We believe in supporting our clients post-launch in whatever capacity they need.

The purpose of brand guardianship is to ensure your brand is consistently applied everywhere. Your company probably uses a variety of suppliers to produce material for you. Most brands do and this isn’t a bad thing provided your brand remains consistent. The danger lies in how each supplier can have different interpretations of how your brand should look. Over time these interpretations dilute your brand, making it less consistent. This devalues the investment you’ve made in your branding and weakens your position in the market.

We care about your investment. That’s why we run through brand strategy, so that we can make sure you’re investing in areas of your brand that’s going to achieve the goals you’re aiming for. This doesn’t change just because the design phase is over. We want to support that investment to make sure you get the most out of your brand. Our brand guardianship provides you with the flexibility to make use of us in a way that works best for you for as long as you need us whether that’s in an active or passive role. You are also free to switch between the two and cancel as required.

If want to have us continue to work on your brand, if you’ve got an in-house team that need some support, or maybe you just need to know we have your back while things settle in, we’re here for you so you can focus on being there for your customers.

We can provide brand guardianship in an active or passive role, ensuring any assets being produced are consistent with your brand and allowing you to benefit from our continued guidance and support.

Passive Brand Guardianship //

If you choose to have us continue with you in a more passive role, we function like a consultant. This works great if you’ve got an in-house team to produce materials for you or want to out-source to a variety of different suppliers. We give direction on the materials that are being produced for your brand and critically evaluate draft designs that are sent to you against your guidelines to make sure that everything remains consistent and on-brand. We make ourselves available to contact when required and we check in with you monthly to talk about your brand and offer guidance and support.

Active Brand Guardianship //

If you would like to continue to have us actively work on your brand, we will continue our function as designers and operate as a direct part of your team. We can help you to map out and plan materials for your upcoming projects as well as producing resources in line with your guidelines so you can be assured that all of your brand assets will be consistent and to the same high standards. Helping you to plan for those projects in advance we can take a much more proactive role in creating materials for you and can help you allocate resources and manage your existing assets to make the most out of your investment. We will be available to offer our counsel as and when it is required and will check in with you regularly to discuss your brand and any upcoming or ongoing project work.

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