Brand Strategy

Clarity of your brand’s purpose, voice, and users

Clarity of your brand’s purpose, voice, and users.

Understand your brand and shape the decisions you make

We think you’re going to really love the way we run brand strategy. If you’re completely new to this process, think of it as a therapy session for your brand. It’s everything you subconsciously think and feel about your business that you’ve just not been able to articulate. The clarity that brand strategy gives you will forever change how you see your brand and how you approach your business. You may have run sessions like this in the past, and if so, it’s a great opportunity to revisit and rediscover your brand to see how it’s evolved and re-evaluate your goals and priorities. Whether your company is a pioneer in your industry, or an established or newly formed disruptor, we help brands like yours to clarify their purpose, discover their voice, understand their users, and define their goals. A well-defined brand strategy affects all aspects of your business.

Brand strategy is the purpose behind great design and our brand strategy isn’t just advice. The primary focus might be to provide clarity for your business, but we make sure to package it in a way that creates tangible deliverables. At the end of the strategy process we provide a summary document for you that you can refer to that incorporates everything that we’ve covered together.

To remain objective, brand strategy can be entirely standalone. If you believe in us to help shape your brand (which of course we’d hope you would) that’s your choice, it’s not a stipulation.

Brand Strategy Workshop //

It all starts with our brand strategy workshop. This is the discovery phase of the strategy process. The strategy workshop can run for a full day or be divided over two, whichever is more appropriate to make sure we cover everything. We ask the questions that help you clarify your own brand position, the users you’re targeting, and your goals as we guide you through a series of exercises that help facilitate that process. Throughout the session you will be exploring different aspects of your brand and we will tackle each of these organically as the session naturally develops.

Understanding your users is critical to your business but we want you to know them intimately. This starts with identifying the main groups that you are targeting and then helping you to develop a user profile from each group that fleshes out those individuals so that you know them by name and understand the journey that brings them to your business. We want you to know who you’re really talking to and what your brand can offer them that speaks directly to their needs. We will help you reaffirm your own brand attributes so you can articulate what your brand is and the value that you offer, and by helping you to map out and prioritise your goals, you will be able to determine the most cost effective path forward for your brand.

Once the brand strategy workshop is complete, that’s not the end.

Brand Messaging //

We will create a brand positioning statement for you that gets to the heart of what your brand really is in a way that connects with your audience. This statement explains who your brand is, what you offer and who you’re for. This draws on everything that we’ve covered in the brand strategy workshop and extracts the essence of your brand. We craft this positioning statement along with some brand messaging and send it over to see how it sits with you and refine it if we need to. You will get a concise and clearly defined positioning statement that you can refer to that will help keep your brand focussed along with some brand messaging that you can immediately use in your marketing.

Visualising Your Brand //

We will help you visualise your brand using stylescapes. You can think of them as a crossover between strategy and design. They condense everything we cover under brand strategy into a single visual format. We will provide you with a few different stylescapes with each taking a different twist on your brand so that you can identify the one that you think represents your brand the best. We guide you through the decision making process behind each style in a video call so can see how it might represent your brand and which one has the most potential to take your brand forward. We’ll make notes during the call and refine your preferred stylescape. Your chosen stylescape will then be incorporated into the deliverables and you’ll be able to take that into the brand design stage as a visual reference when developing your refined brand identity.

Gain Market Insight with Competitor Analysis //

Competitor analysis is an independent assessment focussing externally on your competitive market. This is critical for any evolving or emerging business allowing you to gain insight into the current competitive landscape of your industry. Carrying out competitor analysis allows you see how your competition is developing, which areas they are focusing on, their strengths and weaknesses, the strategies they are using, how they are positioning their brand in the market, and how they are engaging and interacting with their customers. These insights will allow you to make more intelligent decisions about how to grow your own brand and what opportunities are available to you.

Gaining clarity of your own brand is more important than observing how other businesses are positioning theirs. It makes more sense that we focus internally without bias before we assess the current market through competitor analysis. This way we can make informed decisions based on the insights we gain that also fit with the internal strategy of your own brand. That’s why we recommend running competitor analysis at the end of the brand strategy process and our report will be included in the strategy summary document.

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